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VeCtober Timing

Updated: Mar 18

So its Fall again, and as the seasons change so do my ideas and on how to approach creative drawing, well actually the crux of my ideas never really change just my outlet for getting it all done. This month I will be doing two things in alternating days, depending on my mood and mode for that moment. I'll be posting both on Instagram as time allows and higher resolution images here.

I thoroughly enjoy vector drawing it helps with spontaneous image creation and finding new ways of addressing form and objects. So here is the first of 31 Vectober images.

All of images are created with ideas of forming a loose narrative, improvising on the basic structure of "INKTOBER." But not allowing myself to be limited by it.

Poisonous: Master as Puppet as Master

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Oct 04, 2018

Thanks Rob! I appreciate it man! So you shall!


Looks amazing. The energy flaring upward is especially well done. Definitely want to see more!

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