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The way I approach making Art

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

I'm mostly an abstract subtractionist,

When developing concepts it is equally as important for me to take away items, as it is to add them, especially when I’m sculpting. I start with a FORM and then begin to cut or push into it.

Even in narrative driven stories and layouts, I start with what I have experienced in life or thru imagination and cut down, or thru it, whittling away at norms and ideas. To find the fruit of the experience I want to portray.



Tools and devices used to implement a specific design within your artwork, may appear to make one more efficient, but it does not supplement any specific ability that an artist may have at their disposal.

The consistent use of tools helps to develop a certain level of comfortability and technique that is sustainable through practice.

After a considerable amount of time and trust in the process your developing becomes routine confidence and precision builds. Repetition along with the innate individuality of the artist may turn into some degree of virtuosity.


Never be afraid to adapt to any specific medium or media if it helps you to achieve your goals with a project. I have used many diverse tools to get to a desired outcome. Remember it doesn't matter what tools you use but, how the final image or project turns out once completed.

Learn to Accept your individuality

It is our imperfections that make us different and give character to our work, and endeavors BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITY TO ADAPT!

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