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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

So last week I did a few Oculus Medium demonstrations, the first was at the Atlanta Science Fiction Expo (ASFE), a free fan event put together by the talented staff of Challenges Games and Comics in North Dekalb mall.

The event went very well, my panel was moderately attended by friends, general interest and to my surprise family. I continue to learn humbly that preparation beats perspiration and finally managed to get all of my tech stuff situated and with 30min. left in a 58min.

Now I know what Cyclops from the X-men must feel like
Into the Rift, where the Medium awaits.

panel I managed to create and communicate with intent and discovery.

The attendees where very communicative and where asking me questions and relating to each other experiences. One of my many take aways from this demo is how difficult it can be to engage your audience when you can’t see them. If time and fate allows next year, I will ask for a 2 hour time block so I can fulfill my duties as more communicative presenter.

Here a few pictures taken by awesome and beautiful artist cousin Jewell Williams who was there with my Aunt Hellen and my writer buddy extraordinaire, Adam Minott.

Much appreciated and thanks again Gang!

Special thanks and mentions to artist Mike Carter with his fiancé Dana and beautiful little infant daughter.


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Mar 23, 2019

Yeah man it was a great opportunity, many more to come!


Glad to see that it went so well man. It sounds like it was great fun.

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