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Pools Of Yarah

J.E. Gurley

This is the 3rd in series of cover illustrations, I've provided for Montag Press. This time around it was done for the very prolific writer James E. Gurley, whom had very few notes for me on what he wanted to see, beyond the semi enigmatic form of the mid ground staff wielding character, and the specs for the L.J. Baldry with insignias.

I let you all in on a secret too, there is a sequel planned and I'm pretty sure, I'll be involved with that as well, I love designing tech, especially spaceships in futuristic dystopian environments.

Pools of Yarah final.jpg


Proof of Concept Demo.

"Instead the portals became the means for both the desparate and wealthy.."

Nigel Anthony Sellars

The Gonaymne Weapon

Nigel Anthony Sellars

This illustration for The Gonamyne Weapon was the 2nd cover assignment, done for Montag Press. I found the brief  for this particular concept a interesting one, in that the focal point was the damage of what the aforementioned weapon could do, and not (the device shown here, it's the control) brandishing the weapon itself as a point of impact.


"The song began. It consisted of a single note."

Paul A. Bussard


Paul A.Bussard

So in the process of bringing Paul's vision to life, he shared many anecdotes with me, he is a man of many talents and tales.

One of the impressions that he made was the simplicity of form in his universe, while the weapon was from an advance civilization he wanted to make sure, that it didn't get too close to the look of other contemporary genre ideals. In doing this we developed this design (below) in support of the "Relic Weapon" concept.

Hercules Weapon promo.jpg
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