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Crafting Narrative Design

A Visual Journey

There are so many methods for creating stunning and dramatic visuals these days it really comes down to what you have a natural affinity toward, and can consistently accomplish in a plausibly"professional"manner, if thats your goal. I am always challenging myself to create immersive worlds and content using anything and everything at my disposal. I enjoy multiply mediums, for example in the image above:

The human alien infused body armored character started as thumbnail. I used a now defunct program called LAYERS on my iPad and Phone for rapid silhouette-thumbnail iteration develop interesting characters. I then ported it to PS for further development and crafting into one of the character designs needed for the surrounding story. A step by step process w.i.p. for how I generally progress on these kinds of images is available upon request.It's not much different than what most other artist utilize, but if you all show enough interest, and drop me a line. I'll happily make it available for you all as well.  

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