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Hello My name is Dwight Clark, welcome to my portfolio, a place where you will discover a vast array of work, skills, and professional experience. One of my defining principles as an artist is a deep commitment to immersion into the rich fabric of creative verve, within this process, helping establish an open dialogue between function and narrative storytelling in all aspects of my artwork. Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information about the content of my graphic novels using digitalmodeling.

Commercial Work

The Pools Of Yarah

"Thoughts Create Reality."


Pools of Yarah final.jpg
Sam the Yam


The Saxaphonist Sweet Potato

So last year I got this pretty cool character design gig thru some past connections, it moved rapidly from initial 2d design phase straight into 3d prototyping. Sadly the company folded, but that left me free to share this without NDA issues.  I sculpted this in Oculus Medium and I had to remove their marketing graphics, in certain areas but put together a cool trailer of my own with some of my ideas of my own. Hope you all enjoy!

The Gonaymne Weapon

The Earth has endured the Zaibatsu Wars

This was a fun and somewhat challenging project that, I had too design a weapon that wasn't actually being seen, what you are seeing here is in fact the controller of the weapon and the aftermath of its destructive effects from a considerable distance.

Beyond Hercules Cover


Paul A. Bussard

This was my first bookcover for Montag Press and probably one of my favorite author interactions, through that publisher. Paul was very interactive and definite about the complexities of his story and weapons design. He even presented me with a cool hand made maquette, for scale and proportion purposes.

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